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McAndrew’s Store

Welcome to McAndrew’s Store, merchants of genuine Irish turf and Bord na Mona peat briquettes.

The magical aroma of turf or peat burning on an open fire or in a stove is for many people, as much a part of Ireland as Guinness!

Now if you are living in the UK and looking for a genuine Irish turf or peat fire to chase away those winter chills then look no further than McAndrew’s Store. Using Parcelforce as our courier, we are able to supply turf and Bord na Mona to UK addresses.

This makes turf and peat much more accessible no matter where you live in the UK, making it a special treat for those long winter evenings, the festive holidays and the ideal gift for those with Irish connections.

Order securely from us via Paypal and look forward to a real Irish turf fire and a cosy night in. Just don’t forget to go outside to smell that unmistakeable aroma!



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