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On yer bike to the Turf Bog

I started writing this blog post in early July whilst in sunny Spain.  The Costa Brava to be exact.  On holiday from all things turf bog, well almost!
I can confirm that there were definitely no turf bogs in Spain.  It was wall to wall sunshine, t-shirt and shorts with no fleece required.  Countless swims in the pool and in the Med with no need for a wetsuit.
I hired a bike and took a spin along the coastline.  Cycling is the best way to discover an area.  If you travel by car you go too fast to see whats growing in the fields and you cannot take in the local countryside in the same way.  On this cycle in Spain we passed rice fields, orchards full of apples, lemon groves and fields full of sunflowers. The beauty of this short spin was that the bulk of it was along quiet country lanes and tracks, far from the busy main roads.

This got me thinking once more about Turf Bog Tours.  Admittedly here in NW Ireland our climate is a lot less predictable than Spain’s but there is a great network of back roads and bog roads that are worth exploring.

So long as you come prepared, have a waterproof jacket at the ready you can enjoy a cycle here in these parts. With this in mind we have teamed up with the Bike Shop here in Belleek to now offer the option of a Turf Bog Tour by bicycle.  From the saddle of your bike you can peer over hedges at cows and even donkeys. Plus on a bike you can stop where you like to take photos unlike when you travel by car and have to find a safe place to stop.

Back in the day, many folk would have cycled to their turf bog to do a day’s work.  Rest assured that our offering is much more leisurely.
So if you are feeling inquisitive about turf bogs and have an adventurous spirit, do get in touch to arrange a Turf Bog Tour by bike.

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