Winter into Spring

This winter has been going on a bit too long now for my liking.  Whilst it has not been a particularly stormy or cold winter, it has been very dark.  To be honest I would rather have snow, ice and a few storms to experience the full range of the seasons.  At least they would be a distraction from the darkness!

I’m encouraged that there is now a bit more light in the mornings and that the evenings are also stretching too.  Spring is around the corner.

Of course winter with its dark evenings was made for turf fires and they definitely provide comfort.  A turf fire in the hearth is a means of heat of heat and just as importantly, a source of  light on dark nights.  A turf fire definitely helps me get through the winter.  The daily morning routine of cleaning out the ashes from the stove and setting it again are well worth it.

However now I am really looking forward to Spring.  The longer evenings and the freedom to spend more time outdoors in daylight cannot come soon enough.  Whether it’s doing a bit of gardening, walking Bailey Dog, cycling, and even trips to the turf bog, its the perfect appetiser for all the potential of the summer months to come.

Of course, to complement the outdoors lifestyle of spring and summer, there is nothing better than getting a turf fire going on the patio or a camp fire to finish a day outdoors.  Maximising the time spent outdoors is so good for the human condition and fresh air laced with the aroma of turf smoke is a prescription for contentment.

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