Waiting on Summer

After a cold Spring, a disappointing May in particular, I was hopeful that June would herald the start of summer and some much needed sunshine. However the reality has been more cool weather and not a whole lot of sunshine either. This far it has been a rare day that the thermometer has ventured beyond the high teens and into the sultry twenties.

In contrast, Spring 2020 was a dream, all our turf was cut, dried and home by the last day of May. This year despite having all the turf cut by the end of April (earlier than in 2020) it is nowhere near ready for home. In fact, I have only started footing the turf this week. My guess is that it will be mid July before we have the turf home.

In the meantime we have been kept busy perfecting our Irish Log Torches and are now including some turf chippings to add as the Torches burn. This will ensure a measure of a peaty aroma mixed with the pine wood smoke.

Heading now for the final few days of June we are hoping for a summer heatwave. This would be perfect for outdoor living (think outside fires of an evening) , a spot of camping (think campfires) and of course to get the turf dried and home for winter fires.

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