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Endless Possibilities in the Turf Bog

May has come and gone.  Hard to believe that we are now into June, where did the last five months go?! Anyhow, you will be glad to know that we achieved all our objectives for May out on the turf bog. All turf was cut and footed by end of May, a great achievement which was only possible thanks to some great weather.

As I write this now, it’s raining outside but it’s good to know that all our turf is footed and up off the ground.  We have even managed to bring home a token three sacks of turf already – good for morale. I am quietly confident that the good weather will return to dry the turf.  That said, the long range forecast does not look too promising.  No matter what, we are well on course to have the turf dried and home long before summer is out.  Ideally we would like to have all the stacked in the Store by the end of July.

Our experiments in turf drying continue.  We’ve gone with the tried and trusted clamps, made big stacks (some ornate, some not so ornate), plus we are using pallets and even crates.  All combine to helping dry the turf.  This far, I think the pallets and crates are the best options for accelerating the drying process.
This far, encounters with the dreaded midges have been few and far between. I am hoping to keep it that way. Should a spell of high pressure settled over us with a drying Easterly airflow then that will keep the midges at bay as we begin bagging the turf on a large scale.
As I said earlier, after the dry spell ended in mid May, the rain returned.  Where we stood at the bottom of our turf bank was dry enough to walk on and dig turf from in early/mid May.


Since then the foot of the turf bank has filled in with water and now looks like one of those  endless pools, like something you’d see in a fancy Spa.

However, I reckon our endless bog pool would be much better for you.  No chlorine here, just natural rain water and peaty minerals floating about that rehydrate your skin like nothing else.  The only slight downside to our Turf Bog Spa (trademark applied for) is that we can’t raise the water temperature.  But after a run up and down the turf bank beforehand escaping clouds of midges you will happily plunge into the dark refreshing water.  Interested? I thought so….I wait the deluge of bookings.

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