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Turf Bog Tours

We have recently updated our website, as part of that website you will notice that we are now  including Turf Bog Tours as part of our growing enterprise.

In the two years we have been cutting turf the traditional way with a spade we have come to realise the magic of the turf bog.  We have shown a few people around too and they have been suitably impressed.  Whilst we are by no means experts at cutting turf with a spade, we are still learning all the tricks, we have become more aware of the significance of the turf bog and just how unique this environment is.
There is more to the turf bog than just cutting turf as you will discover!

Having toyed with the idea of developing a Turf Bog Tour we have decided to take the plunge and offer this service.  It seems a good time to start as any Donegal has recently been described by National Geographic as the “coolest place” to visit in 2017 plus the Wild Atlantic Way touring route along Ireland’s western coast is only a short hop from our turfbog.
So what can you expect from a Turf Bog Tour?  For starters, you need to get to this corner of NW Ireland where we can  then meet you in either Belleek (home of the world famous Pottery) or in Ballyshannon (Ireland’s oldest town) before whisking you away in our 4×4 to the remote wilds of the turf bog.  We will be able to also accommodate groups with their own minibuses as well.

The wide open space of the turf bog is something we could easily take for granted.  Our bog is nestled below Breesy Mountain just inside County Donegal, however walk just 100 metres eastwards and you are in County Fermanagh!  From this elevated site you can enjoy the views of Lower Lough Erne and surrounding countryside.

We will demonstrate the turf cutting process and you will get the chance to try using a turf spade.  Depending on what time of year and the stage of the process you visit at, you could find yourself spreading, clamping or even bagging turf.  More than this though we will show you how to bounce on a turf bog it really is like a trampoline. Darragh our resident wildlife expert will show you signs of grouse and maybe even catch a frog for you.
There will be time for tea and soda bread (Callum is taking on the role of baker) before we take you onwards to Lough Finn a hidden lough only accessible through a conifer forest.  Standing lough side, marvel at Breesy Mountains reflections in the dark peaty waters.

We will then take you further up the hillside to where in 1944 during WW2 a Canadian airforce warplane crash landed on the turf bog.  Miraculously, there were survivors, undoubtedly helped by the plane crash landing on the soft bog.
Heading closer to Breesy Mountain we will give you the chance to admire the panoramic views over Counties Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Sligo, Tyrone and Cavan.

Interested in a Turf Bog Tour? Then we advise that you come prepared. Wear suitable outdoor clothing (windproof/waterproof), walking boots, bring your camera, accept the unpredictable Irish weather (expect 4 seaons in an hour), sun block (well you never know!)  and bring a sense of humour.  We will bring the tea, soda bread, binoculars, local knowledge and midgie repellent.

4 March 2017

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  1. Gavin Lynch says:

    Hi, My wife & I are interested in doing the bog tour, & maybe do a days work footing the turf to get a real feel of the bog experience, if possible.
    Kind Regards

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