Turf Bog Tours – Good for your Health

I was at a conference recently. The theme was all about health and wellbeing. One presentation that really struck a chord was about what to do to keep your brain healthy in order to avoid dementia. Alongside not smoking, reading plenty, eating the recommended daily 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, the odd (small) glass of wine and keeping your BMI below 25, was the concept of walking and talking.

This was music to my ears. Being in the great outdoors is definitely a de-stresser. With the right company, a combination of exercise and a blether is all good. From my own viewpoint, add in the company of a canine (Bailey Dog) and your walking experience is further enhanced!

A Turf Bog Tour has all these ingredients and more. Fantastic scenery, the freshest of air, a sense of peacefulness missing from today’s technology driven world and the opportunity to chat and learn about bygone days. Proof if ever it was needed that it is good to walk and talk. Order your prescription today at www.mcandrewstore.com

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