Turf Bog Therapy

Our last blog post highlighted just how dependent Turf Bog Tours are on overseas visitors.  Following its publication I was chatting to a friend who concurred with my observation that many Irish folk are still traumatised by their childhood experiences in the turfbog.  Now faced with a huge drop in international visitors just how can Turf Bog Tours be attractive to the people of Ireland, many of whom are suffering from PTSD (Post Turfbog Stress Disorder)? 

Well, here is our charter and guarantee to the people of Ireland to reassure them that a Turf Bog Tour is nothing to be scared of…

  1. A Turf Bog Tour lasts only 3 hours.  It isn’t a sentence or a punishment, honestly.
  2. It is a tour, a visitor experience, it is not forced labour.  We wont make you use the turf spade, spread the sods, foot, clamp or bag the turf – however if you do want to do some grafting we wont stop you either!
  3. We do provide tea/coffee as part of the tour experience but rest assured it is dispensed from a flask not milky lukewarm tea produced from a glass bottle wrapped in a sock.
  4. As a precaution we bring midgie repellent with us and it does work….
  5. By going on a Turf Bog Tour you are confronting your past head on and we are hopeful that by the end of your tour you will view the turf bog in a more positive way

So when we are back up and running and you are on a staycation be sure to book your Turf Bog Therapy…I mean Turf Bog Tour!

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