Turf Bog Soundtrack

Working out on the turf bog is all very serene and peaceful but there are times when we need music to motivate us during the paring, cutting, spreading, footing, clamping and bagging processes

As relic of the 1970’s I love nothing more than reliving my youth by listening to 80’s music. OMD, Depeche Mode, New Order, Blondie, Madonna, Queen, Big Country and of course the Pet Shop Boys (not the Peat Shop Boys sadly) feature heavily on my playlist.

Today FM used to do a show called Friday Night 80’s which was a great listen. Well it was, until the time when we realised we’d ran the car battery flat by leaving the radio on whilst we worked in the bog. But at least we had tunes to sing/hum as we trekked the 3 miles home!

Throw in some contemporary stuff from the Killers, One Republic and the Weeknd to modernise our soundtrack. The playlist however is always being added to, for example I just rediscovered the track “I just died in your arms” by The Cutting Crew – kind of appropriate that a turf cutting crew listen to it don’t you think?

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