Turf Bog Resilience

This year we have been unable to operate any of our Turf Bog Tours. However we are confident that once we are through the Covid19 Pandemic that better times lie ahead for Turf Bog Tours. In the here and now though, the current reality has seen us adapt our business model.

In summer 2019 we had taken the decision to discontinue selling turf online and to concentrate solely on developing Turf Bog Tours. At that point we had no idea what 2020 would bring. The outcome has been that by summer 2020 we were back selling turf online.

We then also looked at other complementary products that we could create and sell. We did not stray too far from the fire theme with the development of our Irish Log Torches. They are already proving popular on patios and on camping expeditions. They may even be the answer in these times of social distancing and when we can only meet friends and family outdoors. The Irish Log Torch could provide heat and light for any winter gatherings!

Then our latest development is our foray into the world of leisure wear suitable for anywhere including the turf bog. The Bog Team will provide a retro feel to practical comfortable clothing and even mugs.

While that vision of a sole focus on Turf Bog Tours has been dashed we have adapted and other strands to the McAndrew’s Store portfolio. You have to be made of strong stuff to run a micro enterprise in the North West of Ireland and none more so than now. I have no doubt that our endeavours in the turf bog have given us the capacity to be resilient, adaptable and flexible

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