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As we enter the final week of April I am happy to report that Season 2018 turf cutting operations are proceeding nicely.

After a very long winter and a delayed start to Spring season, we have in the past couple of weeks enjoyed some drier and sunnier weather.  This has enabled us to get turf cutting process under way.  The bonuses are that I am topping up my turf bog tan and getting some great workouts too.

As ever our objective is to cut all the turf by end of May at the latest.  This will ensure that any June sunshine should accelerate the drying process.  Plus it means we should limit our  encounters with the curse of the bog, midgies! It’s a short window in which to get the turf cut but it’s good to make progress now and then the pressure is off to a degree going in to the summer months.


This year is our fourth year of cutting turf the traditional way with a spade.  It’s amazing how much more efficient we have become since 2015.  Getting hands on with a turf spade, learning from our mistakes and from listening to seasoned turf bog experts we have become much slicker out on the bog.  Our turf bank is even a bit straighter this year!

The two boys and even youngest daughter have ventured to the Bog.  Callum our resident engineer,  is a great worker and a good sounding board when it comes to turf bog strategy.  Darragh announced in advance of his first venture that he wouldn’t be working, he would rather go hunting frogs and checking on the welfare of the local tadpole population.  Ava helped spread two barrow loads of turf sods and then took off with Darragh hunting wildlife.  Ever present is Bailey Dog, the turf bog with it’s array of birdlife, hares and landscape is like Disneyland to a sprocker spaniel.

The cuckoo has returned to the bog landscape and is calling from first to last light.  The last of the geese who winter here seem to be ready for take off to Iceland.  Add in the lesser spotted McAndrew Clan and the bog is definitely coming to life this April.

Of all the times of year to take one of our Turf Bog Tours, this time when cutting operations are at full speed is perfect.  We will even let you cut the turf, barrow it away for tipping and then spread the turf sods.  You will definitely earn the mug of tea and homemade bread!

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