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With Summer almost over, we are prepared for the change to the seasons. Plus as we transition into Autumn, there will be some sort of new normal to come once the kids head back to school in early September.

Looking back over the summer months, we have made the most of opportunities to get camping. As mentioned in previous blogs we head to Gortahork in the north west of Donegal.

The wild camping experience has been brilliant. It is a chance to get off grid and even if for just one night, it is good for the soul. Everything is more real and vivid when camping. Food prepared on a gas stove or barbecue tastes better, beer is fresher and a cup of tea is best of all! Why does tea taste so good in the wild? Perhaps its the effort that goes in to it, collecting the fresh spring water for the kettle and then waiting for the whistle of the kettle as it boils on the stove. Adding in the Lyons teabags (only Lyons will do!) to the teapot for the brewing process, the sense of anticipation grows. It is a sensory experience and a chance to appreciate what goes in to a cuppa before drinking it in the most scenic of backdrops.

Then there is a the campfire. Turf and timber combine to provide heat and light. A drum from a washing machine makes for an effective firepit. As the darkness of night advances, the fire becomes a true focal point. Gathered around it, stories are told, jokes are delivered and even singing has been known to fill the night air. A rewind to simpler times, it is a true break from the modern electronic world.

There are of course drawbacks. Rain can make everything more challenging particularly when it comes to packing up camp. However overall the positives far outweigh the negatives, if they didn’t we wouldn’t keep going!

As we head in to Autumn we are thankful for these experiences and hopeful of at least one wild camping expedition before Winter comes.

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