The Bog is Calling

The weeks are flying by and we are getting ready to commence turf cutting operations for season 2021.

Hopefully we are in for as good a Spring season as 2020. Then the fine weather made the whole process very easy, with all the turf home by the end of May.

Ahead of getting out on the turf bog, we have made the decision not to operate any Turf Bog Tours this year. This decision was taken in light of the Covid 19 situation and restrictions. Things do seem to be improving with a gradual re-opening and easing of travel restrictions. However we are realistic and recognise that it will be 2022 before travel and tourism, particularly overseas visitors, return to anything near what we called “normal” back in 2019. Incredibly it was October 2019 when we last operated a Turf Bog Tour. We definitely miss the interaction with visitors and showing off the craft of turf cutting.

In the meantime we will keep the tradition of turf cutting going and post regular updates from the bog on our social media channels. Rest assured that the turf bog will be waiting for you.

We also have the small matter of training in our newest bog hound. Charlie, a labrador/collie cross aka Borador, joined the crew at Christmas and is doing well under the tutelage of senior bog hound, Bailey Dog. The vision is that Charlie will also be able to join us on Turf Bog Tours (subject to client approval) and provide some additional canine charm.

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