The Big Country

The turf bog is a wilderness admittedly shaped by an element of human activity over the centuries but nonetheless it is still a vast natural space. For example looking out from our turf bog there is a seam of this bogland that stretches from here on the edge of Belleek all the way to Pettigo. That’s a distance of 12 miles and counting.

It is an upland area with spectacular views and big skies, not always clear skies it must be said! It can be easy to take all this for granted but taking folks out on Turf Bog Tours and showing them around gives us a new found appreciation for this landscape.

Visitors coming from urban settings are blown away by the sense of space of this landscape and the sky. They are also amazed by the quality of the fresh air and its purity. Testimony to this is the presence of lichens growing on the bog. Lichen only grows and thrives where the air is unpolluted. Needless to say we have lots of lichen growing here!
The combination of space, big skies and fresh air helps get visitors closer to nature and the chance to marvel at nature. It is the perfect opportunity to escape modern life with all its confinements and experience the big country.

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