Ten Reasons to Take a Turf Bog Tour

In today’s hectic world it is good to have real experiences.  The world is full of white noise and technology.  So our Turf Bog Tours are a great way to escape the “noise” and re-connect with the great outdoors.  This year, 2019,  will be the third year we have offered Turf Bog Tours.  With our new turf bog and cutting season under way there’s never been a better time to book your own Turf Bog Tour. Here are 10 reasons why you should add a Turf Bog Tour to your 2019 itinerary:

  1. Make a connection.  Discover real Ireland and the craft of turf cutting.  It’s part of the celtic culture and identity of rural Ireland.  Immerse yourself in this tradition.
  2. Enjoy a tea or coffee out on the turf bog, plus some homemade bread – turf cutting makes you both thirsty and hungry.
  3. Get hands on and try cutting turf with a traditional spade (slean in Irish).  Cut a few sods from the turf bank and learn what goes into creating the perfect turf supply for the long Irish winter.
  4. Take in the surroundings, no traffic, just the sounds of nature, a big wide open space with an array of colours.  You will be impressed.
  5. Discover the flora and fauna, from heather to sphagnum moss to lichens that can act as firelighters.
  6. Get close to wildlife, frogs abound in the turf bog as do newts.  If you are lucky, in early summer
    you will hear the call of the cuckoo. Look closely and you will spot deer tracks and close to dusk you will have a good chance of seeing these impressive animals.  Bailey, our sprocker spaniel, likes to come along too.
  7. Fresh air in abundance – pure air – air to give you an appetite, air to give you a sense of Ireland and a good nights sleep.
  8. Skies  and light that are unique to this part of Ireland.  Big skies, bigger sunsets and even on stormy days the rolling clouds are impressive.
  9. Discover this corner of Ireland where Fermanagh and Donegal meet, get your photo taken with each foot in two different Counties!
  10. No Turf Bog Tour is complete without a bounce on the turf bog.  It is naturally sprung and will give you a connection to your inner child.So there you have it, our Turf Bog Tours speak for themselves – book yours today!
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