Ten Reasons to Burn Turf this Autumn

Autumn is well and truly with us and turf fire season is just getting going.  If you still needed convincing that a turf fire is the best option for the long evenings, then the following 10 reasons will convince you to choose turf.

1. Turf is a non-sparking fuel so it is safe and wont startle family pets like our Bailey Dog who is gun shy and hates any form of loud bang.

2. A turf fire is high in emissions of nostalgia!  It can transport you to the Ireland of your memories.  Good for hearth and soul!

3. The Celtic people always loved a good fire, it’s a spiritual thing.  Keep the tradition going with a turf fire.

4. Being all cosy indoors by a turf fire whilst the rain batters off the window and the wind howls on a dark night is hard to beat.

5. That unmistakable aroma. Pop outside in to the dark and enjoy the aroma of the turf fire hanging in the night air.

6. Get 10% off a Mighty Turf Sack with this discount code: autumn

7. A turf fire is the perfect indulgence or as a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary or just to show you care.

8. There are currently great deals on bulk orders with our Dozen Deals on Bord na Mona, Turf Boxes and Mighty Turf Sacks – more details here

9. Sitting comfortably? A turf fire is the perfect accompaniment to a mug of tea (Lyon’s of course!), a glass of whiskey, Guinness or your favourite brew.

10. Support trade along the Fermanagh – Donegal frontier, who knows what Brexit may bring but fear not,we will find a way of getting the turf in from Europe!

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