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Summer Swansong

Now past the half way point in August we are heading fast for September and the beginning of Autumn. Whilst July was largely dry with a few days of sunshine and blue sky, August has been a bit more changeable.  Rain showers and sunny spells have been the order of the day.

All things considered summer 2017 has been a better one than 2016 and 2015.  The best weather does seem to happen from May onwards and it would appear that once the school holidays begin then the weather becomes typically Irish!
In terms of Turf Bog operations, we had the vast majority of our turf home by mid July.  I reckon we have up to 20 sacks worth of turf still out on the bog awaiting collection.  A couple of good days dry weather and we will be out to collect and bring it home.  This year has definitely been the best year we have experienced since starting to cut the traditional way with a spade back in 2015.

Turf sacks

We have operated a few of our Turf Bog Tours during the summer months and so far we have escaped major soakings from the rain and encounters with midgies have also been avoided.  Hopefully this trend will continue.

Turf Bog Tourists

From a leisure pursuits point of view we have had mixed results.  We have not managed to get camping. We did head to Dungloe in late July with the intention of camping up there or in Fintown (well worth a visit with it’s quaint Railway) but the rain and wind descended so we opted not to pitch up.

Fintown Railway

Likewise we have not been kayaking, this will have to be addressed as I have signed up to do FEAR, an endurance race here in Fermanagh in October.  The race involves running, cycling and kayaking. Therefore I am hoping for an Indian Summer starting in September to give me ideal conditions for training. After being fitter during turf cutting operations it has been hard to maintain a fitness routine during the summer.

We have however been able to take in some amazing sunsets, there was one week in July where we ventured out every evening capturing stunning sunsets and views.  The colours and scenery combined to make for an amazing show, reminding you of the amazing place we live in with an array of landscapes, coast, loughs and forests.

Little Dog Forest

We have also taken some time out to go exploring and discover some of the wonders of this part of Ireland.  From the old regular haunts of Breesy Mountain, Loughnavar viewpoint, Little Dog forest to the further afield locations of An Grianan Aileagh, Maghera Beach Caves, Assaranca Waterfall and even Tipperary to visit the Clan down there (it really is a long way) we have been able to enjoy all these locations.

An Grianan Aileach

As stated previously, Autumn is fast approaching and I can even see some of the Chestnut trees leaves starting to turn from green to yellow.  Our apple trees are hanging with ripe fruit and hedgerows are full of juicy brambles. There is also a different air and smell, it’s hard to explain, but it is definitely different to early summer.  Plus when the clouds roll  back at night leaving a clear sky, there is definitely a chill in the air.  Just last night I lit our stove.  It was a dark wet evening and the glow from the stove (last fired in April) was much appreciated.  I can confirm that our 2017 vintage turf burnt very well indeed.

With turf orders starting to pick up we are gearing up once more for our busiest few months of the year. Callum is spending the last couple of weeks of his summer holidays packing turf so our stockpile is ready to meet the surge of demand.  Already a number of our regular customers have been placing their orders and getting stocked up for the start of Autumn. It is always good to see that repeat business and hearing from our regular customers.   Just in time for the Autumn rush we have introduced a great deal on 6 Boxes of Turf for the price of 5 Boxes.  This deal is already proving popular.
So enjoy the last couple of weeks of Summer and here’s to a great Autumn.

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