Summer Results

Summer 2018 has this far been the best in a very long time. Blistering heat in June meant that we got all our turf dried and home by 1st of July – a record for the Store!

This has left us with plenty time to go swimming in the sea (no wetsuit required) and plenty cycle runs.  When the weather in summer is good here in North West Ireland, daylight lasts from 4am to after 11pm.  That’s a lot of daylight to enjoy.

We have been shipping orders of turf to folks who have discovered that a turf fire on a chiminea or firepit is a magical way to stay outdoors until very late on a summers evening.  As a fuel, turf is very safe as it does not spark and it fends off midgies and other flying insects. All the while that unmistakable smoky aroma can transport you from anywhere in the world back to Ireland and a treat for your sense of nostalgia.

We have also recently launched our clothing label #burnit.  Available in navy blue or fuschia pink it is our first foray in to the world of high fashion.  It just goes to prove that in business nothing stands still and constant evolution is par for the course.  Turf bog fashion is here to stay!

With August almost upon us we are hopeful of more good summer weather, staying active and turf fires in the great outdoors whilst wearing #burnit t-shirts of course!


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