Striking a Balance

Welcome to our first blog post of 2020. We are currently doing a lot of work behind the scenes in anticipation of season 2020 including marketing and practical preparations. As we near the end of January we are aware that it wont be too long before we are back out working on the turf bog.

We have always been mindful of the environmental pressures on the turf bog, hence we have always cut our turf by spade rather than by machine. This awareness played a part in the decision that we took in summer 2019 to stop selling turf online and to concentrate fully on Turf Bog Tours.
Therefore in 2020 we will cut a smaller area of turf bank than in previous years. Our aim is to still show visitors the process and tradition of turf cutting by spade. All turf produced will be for our own domestic use during the winter months.

In effect out turf bog will become a demonstration turf bank. We strongly believe that the art and tradition of turf cutting should be preserved. We are never failed to be amazed at our visitors enthusiasm for the turf bog and the chance to wield a slean (turf spade) for themselves. It evokes memories and provides a connection to the Ireland of yesteryear. The opportunity for reminiscing and nostalgia are always greatly appreciated by our visitors.
At the same time we will continue to share our knowledge of the turf bog landscape including wildlife, flora and fauna with visitors. We show our visitors that this wilderness is a landscape teeming with life. Moreover we provide an insight in to how our ancient ancestors, the first farmers in Ireland played a huge role in shaping the boglands of Ireland when they cleared the land of forests.

Then there are the positive health benefits of the turf bog, fresh pure air, the sound of nature and a sense of tranquility all under a big sky. If nothing else, a visit to the turf bog including the trek in to the turf bank will confirm that you are closer to nature and is a genuine opportunity to escape today’s increasingly digital world.
Taking everything into consideration, we firmly believe that our Turf Bog Tours strike the perfect balance between tradition and conservation. Here’s to a brilliant season 2020!

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