Mrs Doyle’s Tae & Turf


This is one for all you Mrs Doyle’s out there who enjoy nothing more than a fine oul’ cuppa along with a cosy turf fire. This uniquely Irish package inculdes an 80 pack of Lyons Gold Blend Teabags (only available in Ireland) and 25 pieces of fine Irish turf, all contained in a hessian sack. “Tea Father??- Ah you will, you will…….”

Price including delivery:
UK £34
Unfortunately we cannot provide this product to other destinations at present

  • 25 pieces of Irish turf cut from the fine bogs of Co.Donegal.
  • An 80 pack of Lyons gold blend teabags
  • All contained in a hessian sack
  • £34 including courier delivery to anywhere in UK
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