Four Mighty Turf Sacks


Stock up on your supply of turf with a purchase of 4 of our iconic Mighty Turf Sacks.  The Mighty Turf Sack is not only a convenient way to store your turf but they also look mighty good on the hearth.  Our Mighty Turf Sacks are made from jute and are a nod to bygone days when this was the only type of sack available and was used to bring the turf home from the bog.  An added authentic touch is the McAndrew’s Store logo printed on the front of the Mighty Turf Sack.
Price including courier delivery anywhere in UK & Ireland is £90 (a saving of £30)

  • 4 Mighty Turf Sacks
  • On average 32 sods of tuf per Sack
  • Non sparking fuel suitable for open fires and stoves
  • Available to UK and Ireland purchasers only
  • £90 including courier delivery anywhere in UK and Ireland

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