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Pre-Season Training

I am currently in training. I need to get fit, lose some winter girth. No more carbs, regular exercise and I am off the Devil’s brew (alcohol) too.

By now you are probably thinking I am preparing for a marathon or endurance race. But you would be wrong. The truth is I am preparing myself for turf cutting season.  Physical fitness and stamina need to be at their peak for when turf bog operations commence this Spring.

Rather like an athlete, as well as training, I am also eating healthy. Porridge for breakfast, no bread and no pasta. But that’s only part of it, I am running five days a week.  I am on my third week of this regime and I have to admit I feel good.

The excesses of December had to be addressed and January was a good time to start. The left over mince pies, tins of biscuits and sweets from Christmas have now gone and in their place are sweet potatoes, salad and nuts.

I have also started playing football (badly) again on a Friday night and trying to do a bit of cycling too.  It all helps.  My view is that if I don’t do something now, come turf cutting season I wont be able to “cut” it in the turfbog.

Once turf cutting commences in April (weather permitting) I will hopefully be a good bit leaner and with all that manual exercise plus fresh air I can then re-introduce some carbs once more.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So in years to come when you hear that the latest healthy living fad is something called “Turf Bog Fit” you will recall where you heard it first!

31 January 2017

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