Peak Season at McAndrew’s Store

It’s been a while since the last blog posting.  This can be put down to lack of available time as our orders have gone through the roof or should that be up the chimney?

November was our busiest November ever and the second busiest month ever.  From November the momentum has carried us into December the most hectic month or should I say the busiest 3 weeks of the year.


Until our Christmas delivery ordering deadline of 2pm on Sunday 20th December the turf orders will (if the first 7 days of the month are anything to go by) keep flying in and like Santa’s workshop, we are busy filling sacks (and boxes) to ensure they reach their destination by Christmas day.

turf box

It is now a case of careful stock management, time management coupled with marketing and customer care to ensure a slick seasonal operation.  It’s a good feeling when loyal customers from previous festive seasons return to us with a seasonal turf order.

Getting through this hectic period is a bit like undertaking a sporting challenge.  Lots of preparation and eating the right food (lay off the seasonal stodge which is conducive to sofa sitting) and avoiding alcohol (I have now removed that box of French wine from the house I opened at the end of November…hic).  The secret is to stay sharp, retain a sense of humour and realise that the finishing line is close.

To keep the focus when packing orders a variety of music has been downloaded to my phone and is played in the turf shed.  Everything from the Human League (love the 80’s), Betty Boo (remember her?) to Calvin Harris (he’s good but not a patch on the PeAt Shop Boys) is on the playlist. Well, everything except Daniel O’Donnell, sorry Daniel.  It’s amazing how much more efficiently boxes can be packed with turf when you are listening to Tinie Tempah.  I bet Tinie’s marketing people haven’t identified middle aged male turf merchants in rural Ireland as a potential fanbase.

Being busy at this time of year keeps me off the sofa and allows me to miss out on televisual feasts such as X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity.  That said, I did (out of curiosity) watch Strictly Come Dancing to see Daniel O’Donnell but I think he knew I couldn’t watch it much beyond November so he deliberately got himself eliminated.  If he had stayed in Strictly until the final I think a lot of turf orders would have gone unfulfilled.  And there you were thinking his elimination was purely down to his dancing ability.



There will be the odd late night and early morning along the way but come 20th December and the last order is ready for despatch there will be a sense of satisfaction that is hard to beat. Bit like crossing a finishing line in a lot of respects.  So, if you have placed your order thanks very much, your custom is very much appreciated. If you are still swithering about placing an order you still have just over 12 days to visit


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