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Onwards & Upwards

Running a cottage enterprise like McAndrew’s Store is a time consuming endeavour.  The business is growing nicely with high levels of repeat business from our many loyal customers, so we must be doing something right! Patterns of demand are now established and we can meet the rush for turf at peak season during November and December.  As well as fulfilling orders and providing quality customer care,  product development is another area we dedicate a lot of time to.  You might think that developing a product like turf further is limited but that’s not strictly true.  In the past 12 months we have updated our product to include our own bespoke branded turf sacks.  Lately we have made available for sale the Dozen Turf Box Order.

Team McAndrew

Team McAndrew

In meeting all these demands of managing the processes from the turf bog to shipping orders to developing our brand,  our roles have evolved.  Where once I ran the entire show, Callum has progressed from working on the bog (he never did like the midgies) to being our “packer in chief”.  Chances are if you order turf from us Callum will have personally packed your Turf Box.  At not yet 13 years old he has a good grasp of the enterprise and offers objective opinions on our operations, albeit sometimes in the style of Kevin the Teenager!
This year, Darragh came into his own out on the turf bog.  He worked hard footing turf and packing it in to sacks for the homeward journey.  He did this whilst enduring the clouds of midgies in return for a spin on the trailer along the bog road.  Don’t tell the health & safety folk!
All this help in-house (for pocket money of course) means I can focus on on our marketing efforts and developing the Store further.
In the years to come it would be fantastic if the business could offer and sustain full time employment opportunities for all the Clan members.  I am confident that if we continue on the current path we can achieve this.

1st October 2016

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