November’s Last Stand

November and with it Autumn are all but over.  Winter and Christmas are fast approaching.  Not surprisingly this period is one of our busiest times of the year here at the Store.  Orders are coming in thick and fast, it is very much all hands on deck now.

Our Christmas ordering deadline is Monday 18th December (make a note of it!), so between now and then things will be busy.  The trick is to stay focused on the end game and everything will be just fine.  As stated in a previous blog post, the key to handling the seasonal rush is to grab any opportunity for some exercise and go easy on the mince pies. This is not easy when your instinct is to sit by a turf fire and  hibernate!

At the same time we have one eye very much on 2018.  That’s the thing with a business, no matter how big or small that enterprise is you never stand still.  January will be an opportunity to take stock and plan ahead for the Spring.  By late March we will aim to be back in the turf bog.  From then on it will be another busy time as we cut the turf and as the days lengthen start the drying process.  That particular period of activity reaches it’s conclusion at the end of May by when we will have all the turf cut for the year.

During the Spring months our Turf Bog Tours will once again come to the fore, at this stage we already have bookings for tours in April and May.
You see, we don’t stand still here at the Store!

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