New Year New Turfbog

Happy new year and I hope that 2019 is a good one. After the pre-Christmas rush it was good to get some downtime over the festive season.  It was an ideal time to take stock of another busy year at The Store.  It was not all introspection though, as we also made a key decision with regards to a turf bog.

The turf bog we have rented each season since 2015 has served us well.  It enabled us to hone our traditional turf cutting technique and also allowed us to develop our Turf Bog Tours.  We have however been looking out for a remoter turf bog to add to the wilderness experience.  Therefore we are delighted to have secured a new turf bog that meets all our criteria.  It is still in County Donegal, indeed it is less than 1km from our former turf bog.  The views from this turf bog are also superior.  An ever changing 360 degree panorama takes in no less than 5 counties (Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Sligo and Tyrone) and includes loughs, hills, forests and of course Breesy Mountain.  We are sure that future visitors to the turf bog will find this bog an amazing off-grid location.

We are aiming, weather permitting, to commence turf cutting in April.  That really is not that far away so training for turf cutting season has already begun.  Training consists of a bit of running, cycling, swimming and playing indoor football (badly). Even at this early stage, 2019 is shaping up to be another interesting year here at The Store.


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