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Looking Back at 2015

This is our first blog posting of 2016 so it seems an appropriate time to look back at the highlights of 2015.  We have compiled a list of 10 of these highlights below.

1. Our new logo was developed over the early months of 2015 and  it made its debut in May 2015.  It represents our brand perfectly and is now featured on website, social media pages, publicity materials and even turf sacks!

McAndrew's Store

2. Cutting turf  the traditional way with a spade.  After much discussion, we acquired a bog and got turf cutting operations under way in late April. We endured the washout that was late May and all of June. Despite this, the first of the turf was miraculously dry and ready for home by mid July.

The McAndrew lads at work in the bog

3. Starting this blog.  Experts say you need a blog to connect with customers and grow your following.  But how do you regularly write about turf?  Numerous blog posts later it doesn’t appear to be a problem.


4. Growing our following on social media.  We now have over 1700 Likes for our Facebook page and over 500 Followers for our Twitter page.  We have even had celebrities interacting with us!

5. Getting a jeep/suv, perfect for trips to the turf bog for collecting turf.  It is also the ideal vehicle for providing tours of the turf bog.  It has also been ideal for coping with the winter floods here in Ireland.



6. Our sales continued to increase in 2015 and our customer base grows with repeat business rates remaining very high. A feature in the Irish Times Weekend Magazine in February gave us national coverage here in Ireland, thanks to Think6 Marketing for that opportunity.

turf box

7. The Indian Summer in October was much needed after a very wet summer.  The most amazing sunsets were a nightly feature.  It reminded me of why I live here and was ideal for photography.


8. In Autumn we took delivery of our custom turf sacks.  These hessian sacks feature our new logo and really look the part.  They can even be personalised.


9. Discovering the abandoned village of Port in Southwest Donegal.  After many years of talking about it, we took a trip here in the Autumn.  It didn’t disappoint with stunning views, perfect for photos.  On the edge of Donegal, Ireland and Europe you can’t help but be in awe of the hardy souls who eked out a living here in bygone times.



10. Our turf shed was greatly needed as the business had outgrown the garage! It now acts as a storage facility and despatch point for courier uplifts.  Thanks to Barney O’Loughlin for the construction and our very own PeAt Shop Boys for the official opening.




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