Hello Winter

The first spell of wintry weather is here. The stove is on nightly now at Turf Bog Tours HQ as we warm ourselves burning the turf cut earlier this year.
In the past week the temperatures have dropped. Whilst it is still technically Autumn, we have had wind and rain from the north followed by hard overnight frosts.

Just last Sunday, Callum and I decided it was the right time to retrieve the turf barrow and turf spades from the bog. We soon realised that it was not the right time! With daylight fast fading as we reached the bog, the heavens truly opened up and we were drenched in no time. Needless to say the form was not good with either of us as we returned home. But at least the turf barrow and spades are now safely stored away until next Spring.
As stated earlier it is at this time of year that we can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labours in the form of a turf fire as it burns in the stove. Trips to the turf bog will be few and far between now and the Spring. If truth be told I will miss the turf bog. As you can probably tell I am not one for being cooped up indoors and I suffer from cabin fever. Thankfully Bailey Dog will still require her walks so I have a good reason to get outdoors.

However, it is good to have the time to promote and market Turf Bog Tours. Planning for Season 2020 is well underway. I am currently implementing our marketing plan as spread the word far and wide about Turf Bog Tours. To date we have had folk from Ireland, Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Spain, France and Argentina join us for tours. We are looking forward to welcoming more Turf Bog Tourists from around the world in 2020.

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