Go Wild in the Turf Bog

The turf bog is not just a unique landscape to admire. It is also home to many animals and birds.
Join us on a Turf Bog Tour and you might spy, hear or see the signs of some of the following wildlife:

Frogs – the damp nature of the bog is ideal for our amphibian friends. From late winter the frog spawn can be found around the bog. By late spring the place is full of frog life.

Lizards – similar to frogs they like the cool damp conditions. Harder to spot but with a bit of luck and knowing where to look you might just spot a turf bog dinosaur.

Deer – harder to spot, ideally you would want to take a dawn or dusk tour. Failing that we can show you deer tracks and signs of where they have eaten the bark from young trees.

Hares – in March the local hare population go a bit mad with the mating season. The turf bog is a great place to spot these speedy mammals.

Cuckoo – the migratory cuckoo bird comes to Ireland in late Spring from Africa and it’s unique call is a sure sign of summer. I have never spotted one but from late April onwards from first light to last you cannot help but hear its distinct call.

Grouse – a game bird that was low in numbers in these parts is making a comeback. I have been given a fright by a grouse or two, mainly caused by Bailey Dog springing them up from the undergrowth. They lie in the heather and take off with a loud call.

Geese – another migratory bird, this time they come to Ireland for the Winter. From October onwards you can hear them flying overhead in V formation The noise of their wingbeat and that distinctive call is an amazing spectacle.

The above are just a taster of the wildlife you can encounter on the turf bog. No matter what time of year you take a Turf Bog Tour there is wildlife to see!

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