From Bog to the Fireplace

Our turf cutting exploits have been good so far this season.  We have enjoyed largely dry weather since starting work in the bog back at the end of March.  Bu there is a long way to go before we get the turf saved and home.  Did you know that by the time you burn the turf that there are 13 stages from the bog to fireplace?

  1. Pairing  – this refers to clearing the top layer of heather, moss and grasses from the bog
  2. Cutting – armed with the traditional turf spade, sods of turf are cut from the bog
  3. Barrowing – the sods of turf are piled on to the barrow
  4. Spreading – once the sods are tipped off the barrow they need to be spread out to commence the drying process
  5. Turning – once the sods have started to dry and develop a “skin”, then they get turned so the opposite side can start to dry
  6. Footing – once the sods have a “skin” on every side they are arranged in teepee like formations to allow the wind to circulate around them and further assist the drying process
  7. Clamping – once the footings of turf sods are well on the way to being dry, they are then stacked into clamps which are round shaped piles of turf.  Any remaining damp turf sods are placed on the outside which helps the drying process further.
  8. Bagging – once the turf in the clamps are all dry, then the sods of turf are put into sacks
  9. Extraction – involves moving the sacks filled with turf off the bog and onto the trailer for the trip home
  10. Stacking – sacks of turf are stacked in to the shed here at The Store
  11. Packing – as orders come in at the turf is packaged ready for despatch
  12. Delivery – Parcelforce courier collects from us here in Belleek and within 48 hours customers will receive their turf
  13. Burning – set your fire, add the turf, sit back and enjoy the glow, aroma and connection to Ireland in the comfort of your own home many miles from the turf bog!

Of course, you can get familiar with our turf bog operations and many of these stages by booking one of our Turf Bog Tours!


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