Enjoy The Silence

We were delighted to host our first Turf Bog Tour of 2018 earlier this month.  Our intrepid tourists, Maria and Kevin, came from New Jersey in the USA.  On the day we were fortunate with great weather, clear blue skies, sunshine and no wind.

Bailey Dog came along too for the experience.  One of the best things about Turf Bog Tours is that both the boys and myself learn as much about other cultures from our Turf Bog Tourists.  There are always a wide range of topics discussed and it helps us form a world view.  Just to demonstrate this,  topics discussed included Brexit, the high dependency on the  motor car in Ireland, World War 2 and how many chickens you can keep in your backyard in suburban USA!
Our Turf Bog Tourists were blown away by the tranquility of the landscape.  This was particularly true down on the shore of Lough Finn where it was perfectly still.  It made me realise that many folk rarely get to experience an escape from the modern noisy world.

It begs the question, that in this world of wi-fi, mobile technology, do we ever really get a chance to truly switch off and re-connect with Mother Nature?
It once again made me aware of how lucky I am (apart from the rainfall!) to live in this part of the world.  There have been, and no doubt will be times again, when I have just needed to escape for a while from the every day pressures and challenges of modern life.  My solution is to indulge in some landscape therapy with a visit on foot or on the bike to the wilderness of the turf bog.  This connection to nature helps the human condition greatly with  fresh air, combined with exercise, fantastic scenery and the sound of silence.  It is a great way to take some time out and recharge the energy and spirit.  Even an hour of this landscape therapy is a tonic.

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