The Dog in the Turf Bog

One of our team members here at The Store loves the turf bog more than the rest of us put together.  That member is none other than Bailey Dog.  Bailey just loves the freedom of the turf bog and whilst we toil in the bog she plays.

The turf bog and it’s wide array of wildlife complete with scents, ease of access to a pine forest and numerous water sources is a perfect playground for a sprocker spaniel with boundless energy.
Bailey is first in the jeep on trips to the bog, I am sure she is worried that she wont get to go.  I’ve recently invested in front seat covers so that she can ride in her favourite position on the front passenger seat.  That will save the interior upholstery at least!  She even manages to position her head and nose next to the gear stick so every time I change gear she nuzzles my hand.

She’s great company in the turf bog.  She belts off in pursuit of birds, rabbits and deer.  Often you hear her yelps as part of a high speed chase.  Afterwards she returns to check in with us.
Last May at the peak of the turf cutting season, with blue skies overhead and rising temperatures, I reached the end of my energy for turf cutting and sat down on the edge of the turf bank.  Bailey must have been similarly played out and joined me for a moment that that affirmed that special connection between us humans and canines. She also shared my lunch!
Our plans for 2018 include bringing Bailey along on our Turf Bog Tours.  Obviously we will check beforehand that our visitors will be happy with this.  We reckon that Bailey will be a great addition to the Turf Bog Tour experience!
We are lucky to have Bailey in our lives.  She started life with friends of ours, she was to be a hunting dog.  However, Bailey was gun shy and was made redundant!  When we were offered the chance to adopt Bailey we did not hesitate.
Despite her working dog hardiness, Bailey likes her comforts.  In addition to travelling up front in the jeep she “moved” in to the back hall in our house and takes any opportunity to get in to the sitting room.  Plus she has gravy on her food.  She is worth it though, she has a gentle disposition (even getting on well with our two cats) and is a great companion.  She is always on good form and pleased to see you, the perfect tonic if you haven’t had a good day.

Bailey even graces our social media posts from time to time ,when she stands still long enough for a photo that is.  Posts  featuring Bailey are amongst the most popular.

Over these winter months, Bailey and I take a nightly walk without fail, in the rain, hail, sleet, snow or gale and always in the dark.  I think we are both looking forward to the lengthening of the days and the Spring and the return of regular trips to the turf bog!


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