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Core Values

This is our first blog post since August.  September came and went in a flash. October is going at a similar rate!

We have been busy fulfilling orders as our busiest time of year for sales fast approaches.  In addition we are always working away in the background on growing the business.

The profile of the business is something we are always working on and developing.  From providing good customer care through to managing our social media presence it is important to us to maintain a genuine profile.

Our core values are very much focussed on being ourselves and being sincere. Treat folk as we like to be treated ourselves, is a simple yet effective mantra. Sincerity is an underrated commodity these days.  Personally I get fed up of people in business and life in general who talk a good game and then spectacularly fail to deliver.   Here at The Store we ensure that our turf products match customer expectation and we add value with our customer care.

This approach works for us and is evidenced by the high levels of repeat business we enjoy.  As a cottage enterprise we don’t have a huge marketing budget so in order to grow our business we are well aware we have to deliver the complete package and look after our customers.

Social media has revolutionised the way businesses market themselves nowadays.  Here at The Store we have embraced Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We even star in our own home made videos, in Darragh we have a budding movie star whilst Callum prefers to stay behind the camera producing “quality” productions .  No sharp suits in sight, just us McAndrew’s being ourselves and exhibiting our unique brand of Celtic humour!

At present we are just a few Likes away from reaching 2000 Likes for our Facebook page, a great achievement and thanks to everyone who supports us.  Through our social media presence we have also made good connections with other businesses in NW Ireland  and beyond.  From Gilmartin’s Craft Shop here in Belleek to Camlake Canvas to Bogman Designs  plus we have even established a source of visitors for our Turf Bog Tours  from Brittany thanks to Une Bouffee D’Eire

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Going forward we will maintain our high standards and as a result hopefully grow sales of turf products further and expand our Turf Bog Tours as well.  The future’s bright, the future is Turf!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Good job Martin and boys. Your social media presence is something a lot of businesses would aspire to. Totally agree about the need to be genuine.

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