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It has been a while since our last blog, in fact it was all the way back in June. There have been some changes since then here at McAndrew’s Store. The big change is that in August we took the decision to stop selling turf online and to concentrate totally on Turf Bog Tours. Reaching this decision was one we considered very carefully and was not an overnight decision. After all we have been selling turf online since 2009. So apologies to friends and family who we discussed this option at length with! We are also appreciative of all the orders over the years from our loyal customers, we hope to see many of them on a Turf Bog Tour in the future.

Since introducing Turf Bog Tours in 2017 we have become aware of the huge potential in offering this niche visitor experience. Our Turf Bog Tours have proven to be popular with visitors and numbers are growing year on year. Since 2017 we have had visitors from the UK, France, USA, Canada, Spain and Argentina demonstrating the international appeal of Turf Bog Tours. We are convinced that if we concentrate fully on Turf Bog Tours we can develop it even further.

So we now find ourselves moving from retail in to tourism, but one thing that will remain consistent is that customer care will still be a cornerstone of Turf Bog Tours.

The format of Turf Bog Tours is a great blend, even if I do say so myself, with it combining the tradition of turf cutting, a bit of social history, environmental awareness and a chance to discover the wilderness.

We will still continue to cut a portion of the turf bog with a spade as we feel strongly that this most Irish of traditions should not be lost. Visitors will still be able to wield the turf spade and get that hands on experience.
Find out more at and choose turf!

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