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Autumn Turf Fires

If you are still wondering about the merits of having a turf fire this Autumn, here are five reasons to do so!

1. The longer, darker and cooler evenings are just perfect for a spot of fireside relaxation.  Light a turf fire, watch a box set , read a book or even just watch the cosy glow, it’s your choice!

2. Impress your friends and family who are unaware of Irish turf, convert them to become turf addicts too, they are bound to get hooked as they smell the night air full of peaty smoke!

3. By making a purchase from McAndrew’s Store you are supporting a rural enterprise.  Over and above this,  you are supporting the wider rural economy here in NW Ireland by way of our suppliers. We source our  turf, cardboard boxes and sacks all within a short radius of the Store in both Fermanagh and Donegal.  You are also funding the “salary” of an apprentice or two as well!

turf box
4. Indulge yourself and transport yourself back to rural Ireland courtesy of a turf fire.  It’s good for the soul! Match up our turf with a mug of Irish tea, Guinness or even some Irish whiskey.
5. Go back to basics, get all rustic, light a turf fire and roast some chestnuts on a shovel over the burning turf.  The turf adds a distinct flavour to the chestnuts.


So there you have it, five great reasons to burn turf this Autumn.  For further evidence, watch our advert!
I am sure that you are left in no doubt now  – happy burning!

15 October 2016




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