Adapting & Turf Cutting

It has been a while since our last blog post back in February and it feels like everything has changed since then.

The Coronavirus situation and resulting lockdown has curtailed our plans for Turf Bog Tours for the foreseeable future. It has come as a blow to our plans to grow the business but it is much more important that everyone gets safely through these difficult times.

Homeschooling, homeworking, online meetings and social distancing are the new norms. Whilst adapting to this new world order we have still been able to work out on the bog, in line with Irish government direction I may add! The great weather in April enabled us to get this years turf cut in record time, we started on a Thursday and had all cut and spread by the Sunday. Within a week we even had it turned thanks to sunshine and an Easterly breeze.

As to when we will be operating Turf Bog Tours again all depends on the lifting of restrictions on people’s movements and activities. To be honest, I am expecting that it will be 2021 before we can operate tours again.

In the meantime we will feature our turf bog endeavours on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and in this blog – ensuring that we can provide a virtual Turf Bog Tour of sorts!

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