About McAndrew’s Store

McAndrew’s Store  operators of  Turf Bog Tours are based in the scenic Co. Fermanagh village of Belleek.

Originally, back in 2005 McAndrew’s Store started as a website selling Irish foods online to the Irish diaspora overseas.  In 2010 the focus of the business changed and we took the decision to concentrate on selling Irish turf and Bord na Mona peat briquettes to customers in the UK and throughout Europe.

In 2015 we started the revival of the traditional custom of cutting turf with a spade.  Then in 2017 we started Turf Bog Tours to provide visitors with an opportunity to discover the wilderness of the turf bog and the chance to try turf cutting for themselves.

In 2019 we decided to close the retail side of the business and to concentrate totally on developing Turf Bog Tours.


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