2017 Review

In this blog post, we take a nostalgic look back at 2017 with 10 highlights from throughout the year.

1. Turf Bog Tours
Our latest venture and diversification was to introduce our Turf Bog Tours in March 2017.  Since then we have operated a number of tours showing out Turf Bog to visitors from France, USA and England.  Turf Bog Tours are now on Trip Advisor and also featured on the Discover Ireland website for 2018.

2. Website
Our website was revamped by Tick Tock Design towards the end of 2016 and with improved functionality including a slicker e-commerce facility we really saw the benefits in 2017.

McAndrew's Store

3. Orders
Our business continued to grow in 2017, our mainstay of the business, turf sales,  increased again. December 2017 has been the busiest month ever in the history of the Store.

4. Bog Endeavours
2017 was the third year we had cut turf in the traditional way with a spade.  We definitely operated well getting all the years turf cut in the dry spring weather.  Our roles became more established, Callum wields the turf spade, I push/pull the loaded barrow and Darragh is the spreader in chief.  Whilst the weather broke in late July we were lucky enough to have had our turf all home by then.


5. Social Media
In 2017 we continued to use Facebook, Twitter and Instgram to good effect to connect with customers and followers.  We spend a lot of time and energy on this area and it continues to be effective.


6. Videos
We started producing our own unique brand of video adverts for the Store in 2017.  From April Fool’s Day to Halloween from Russian Submarine Commanders to Conor McGregor we have produced some memorable adverts!  Check out our Youtube channel.


7. Sunsets
At various points in 2017 we chased and captured many spectacular sunsets.  A brilliant way to spend the end of a day in some of Ireland’s most scenic locations.  Here’s to catching more in 2018.

Little Dog Forest


8. Exploring
We like to escape the turf bog once in a while and in 2017 we ventured to Cliffoney Beach, Fort Dunree, Maghera Beach & Caves and An Grianan Aileach.  All these attractions are within close proximity to us and visits linger long in the mind.


An Grianan Aileach

In October I undertook the endurance race here in Fermanagh known as FEAR.  Featuring gruelling trail running and road cycling, it was a real physical challenge.  I plan to do it again in 2018 as doing all the training is a great way to get fit.

10. Operations
From the work on the turf bog to making videos to packing orders, McAndrew’s Store is a real clan effort.  Big thanks to Callum who can edit videos as well as cut and pack turf.  Credit also to Darragh more than often the star of our videos and an expert in locating wildlife on Turf Bog Tours.


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